Ququmannz is a payload map set in a deep exotic jungle where the forgotten ruins of the Mayanns are located. The objective of the map is to carry the Australium Idol out of the Mayann temple, through the wild jungle, and into the cargo plane waiting at the end!
In Ququmannz, you will get to decide the fate of the massive Australium Idol, as seen in “The Lost Idol”. Will the BLU team be able to pay their debt to Saxton Hale, or will the RED team stop them, and keep the idol for their own benefit?
After announcing the project last year, we have received an overwhelming number of workshop contributions to the Steam Workshop collection, with over 220 workshop entries! Be sure to show your support for your favourite workshop entries in the Mayann collection, be it maps, taunts, unusual FX or cosmetic items!
We know we're a little late, but The Mayann content pack for mappers and SFM users has also received an update! You’ll find a few new surprises, as well as some improved versions of previously released assets.